Welcome to the home page of Damon Kaswell, writer of award-winning speculative fiction.

Damon’s short science fiction and fantasy has appeared in several notable venues, such as Writers of the Future, Vol. XXIII, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and Electric Velocipede.

When he isn’t writing, Damon is a professional computer engineer.

News – 05/29/2014

Holy cow, I’m still alive? Why yes, yes I am! But man, being a parent takes a lot of time. Like… two years? Really? It’s been two years since I updated? Sigh… OK, then. But still, here’s an update: I am officially a writer again. Yes, I have submitted a story — an actual, honest-to-goodness collection of words that spewed forth from my brain, through my fingers, and onto the page — to a market. Considering that my life has been so complicated lately I haven’t written regularly in five years, this is an accomplishment.

Hell, maybe I’ll start blogging again one of these days, too.

News – 04/06/2012

Boy, parenting and a day job make for an infrequently updated web page. Oh well. I’ve promised myself I’ll try to do better this year. But considering this year is already a quarter over, I’m not sure I’m doing so well in that department.

News – 06/30/2011

Sorry for the infrequent updates. As a full time computer engineer, parent, and writer, right now it’s a choice between sleep and blogging. I choose sleep. In any event, I never even mentioned the birth of my second daughter on the front page, so consider this a belated announcement: Linden December Kaswell was born December 23rd, 2010. The whole family is doing great.


News – 02/24/2010

Tangent Online recently reviewed Electric Velocipede issue 17/18, in which my short story The Leaf Gatherer appeared.

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