It’s the Final Countdown!

I have a number of interesting “lasts” coming up.

    • I have one last hour before I am officially done taking new work for my current employer. After that hour, my job will consist solely of cleaning up all remaining leftover work.
    • I’m coming to my last week working a Sunday-Thursday shift. Not really apropos of anything, but it’ll be nice to have a 3-day weekend while I reset to Monday-Friday for my final working week.
    • Speaking of which, next week is my final working week. On Friday, I’ll return my company equipment, shake a whole lot of hands, turn my badge in to security, and probably have a celebratory beer with my former coworkers.
    • September 30th is my last official day of employment. I will sign my exit papers and walk out of the building for the last time.

After that, there are a whole lot of firsts coming up. I’m really looking forward to those.