New features in StoryTracker

Anyone who saw my announcement yesterday about the StoryTracker project and cloned my github repository should do a quick ‘git pull’ and get a whole bunch of updates. Don’t worry, this update is completely safe for any data you’ve already added.

I’ve been a busy doggy today, and used the lovely and talented Loreen Heneghan (still can’t believe she married a dog like me) as a beta tester. She found all sorts of fiddly little enhancements and details that needed improving. Some of the changes include:

  • A new help system. It’s pretty simple, just dialogs explaining each screen, but I figure it will come in handy.
  • Some additional color-coding for stories. You can now see at a glance any stories that have been sold and are not currently waiting at reprint markets.
  • A backup system that exports the whole database as a JSON file, for peace of mind. In the future, I hope to add the option to export as CSV spreadsheets.
  • A bunch of other small usability enhancements.

It’s really quite a lot better than it was even just yesterday. Go download it!