Egads… Sorry about that.


So apparently, I suck at migrating posts from LiveJournal to here. I promise I’ll never do that again.

Burned out. Temporarily signing off.


Just can’t bring myself to Blog/Facebook/Twitter/Livejournal/Buzz/Blahblahblah right now. Haven’t been able to for a month. Haven’t wanted to for two.

So instead of fighting it, I’m taking a hiatus from updating anyone about anything anywhere whatsoever. I might chat, I might show up here and there on news aggregation sites, and I might put up a random picture now and again, but beyond that, this is me saying ta-ta for now. I think taking a social media break from time to time is healthy, and I urge anyone who is tired of the info glut to take one.

See ya.

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Someone please explain to me the appeal of tablet computers. I just don’t get it. For plain old media consumption, I suppose there’s some convenience with the slim form-factor. It’s probably easy to take a tablet to the bedroom to watch a movie or surf the web. But that’s the only use I can really see for it. And a laptop fulfills that function with the added benefits of a larger, higher-resolution screen and a built-in stand.*

For content producers (writers, editors, bloggers, etc.) the lack of a keyboard seems to be a real show-stopper of a defect, at least to me. If I can’t input text at anywhere near 70 words per minute (my usual typing speed), then I just don’t see the point.

Tablets seem to occupy an uncomfortable middle ground between PDA/MP3 player/smartphone style devices and full-fledged mobile computers. They’re not as easily portable as the smaller devices, they’re not as useful as the laptops they hope to replace, and I can’t see myself adding one to the list of electronics I’m willing to carry around with me.

Then there are netbooks, lightweight laptops which accomplish the slimmer form-factor, yet provide actual keyboards. This seems to be the target niche tablets would like to take over, but I’m not seeing why anyone would want to replace a netbook with what amounts to a neutered netbook.

So explain it to me: If a laptop can do everything a tablet can (and do it better), and a smartphone is more portable, why on Earth does anyone buy them?

*On a side note, I should start marketing laptops as “tablet computers with a built-in stand you can type on!”

Happy birthday, me!


34 years ago today, I came into the world. It was probably a noisy and messy affair.

I need to rethink things


OK, I’m probably not going to make 25 story submissions by the end of the month. There are plenty of markets, even excluding the ones that are closed until February, but I think I made a mistake on the other side of the equation.

I’ve been going over the stories I currently have marked as submission-ready, and a lot of them really aren’t. They’re contest entries or stories I wrote for particular markets, and don’t really fit anywhere outside the contexts in which I wrote them. They require some significant alterations before they’ll really be suitable for submission at other markets.

And some of my stories are old enough that I’m not sure I want to submit them anywhere. I’m a better writer now, and they’re not quality examples of my work.

Finally — and this is a problem I’m glad to have — I’ve sold too many. I’m not expecting sympathy about this, mind you.

I did get another submission out today, and I’m pleased with that, but I’m beginning to think I don’t have enough truly finished stories to make 25. We shall see.

You’re early.


Nothing to see here yet. Move along.

…Why aren’t you gone yet? It’s still early.

…Still early, but things are coming along. Maybe I’ll keep this theme, or maybe I’ll modify it. Who knows? Who cares? It doesn’t matter, because this site isn’t ready yet.

…OK, now the theme’s starting to look good. What should I make the background?

…Fine, you can stay. Jeez…

End of Chapter 1.


OK, that’s it for the first chapter of my weird little experimental fiction piece. In a few days, I’ll be marking all of these posts as private prior to moving them to my new website, where I’ll post future chapters, and this will become a blog again. (Don’t bother trying to find my new website yet, it’s not live. I hope to bring it online next month.)

Thank you for putting up with this.









Did we get a single thing in that scan? Do I have to go and look for him myself? Do you know who the rebel is yet? Or are you fuckwits so goddamned incompetent I have to come all the way to fucking Oregon and do the work myself? There is a right answer, and there is a wrong answer. Don't pick the wrong answer. -J.S.


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